Weekly Workouts

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Another Friday is upon us and as usual, I can hardly believe it! The days are passing by so quickly and while I’m crossing things off my to-do list as fast as possible, I’m also adding more just as quickly. We’re in the final couple weeks and trying to get all of the puzzle pieces in place. I’m still working part-time but thankfully Sam is no longer at her job and able to run around for us when I’m working.

weekly workouts

But I must also admit being in the home stretch means there’s also been a lot of stress and near anxiety attacks at times. This whole thing is pushing me outside my comfort zone which is great but as such, I’m trying to get back into running to help my stress. After choosing to defer from the marathon a couple months ago, I let my running fall to the wayside. Honestly, I did it on purpose because I knew I needed it mentally and physically but now I’m feeling ready to bring it back. Not where I need to run 8+ miles every week, but where I’m running a few miles a few days a week in addition to CrossFit. So far this week, so good!

Friday 10/10/14
5-5-5-5-5 across: 115#
AMrAP in 9:00
run 600m
200 single unders
max burpees
score: 44
Saturday 10/11/14
Sunday 10/12/14
Lurong Challenge WOD #5:
AMrAP in 15:00:
1 Squat Clean (35#)
1 Jumping Pull-up
2 Squat Cleans
2 Jumping Pull-ups
3 Squat Cleans
3 Jumping Pull-ups
etc…until time
Score: 13 squat cleans + 8 jumping pull-ups (177)
Monday 10/13/14
Tuesday 10/14/14
2 mile run
3RM Shoulder Press: 60#
AMRAP in 10:00:
40 Double Unders (80 singles)
20 Kettlebell Swings (25#)
10 Knee Raises
score: 5+ 38 single unders
Wednesday 10/15/14
1RM deadlift: 170#
For time: 47 power snatches (40#)
Time: 4:47
Cash-out w/ partner: 3 rounds: 250m row while partner holds planks
Thursday 10/16/14
18 mins to establish greatest- 1 hang power clean + 1 hang squat clean: 75#
4 rounds for time:
20 box jumps(16″)
15 hang power cleans (35#)
10 ring dips (purple)
Time: 7:27
2 mile run

I’m thankful to have today off from work so Sam and I can go to CrossFit, run some errands and hopefully get a lot done!

What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

How do you best manage stress?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

  1. Traci

    I learned a big lesson this week–I haven’t been finding balance in my life or managing stress very well, as I’m just getting over (hopefully!) the worst cold ever. Rest is important, too!

  2. Kay @ Kay Bueno

    Those are some serious work outs ahead.

    My weekend isn’t too crazy. A good friend is having her birthday at a local state park, where we’re shucking oysters and picnic-ing.

    Then Sunday, maybe a hike with the boyfriend, or a run in the city. Who knows?

    Happy Friday!

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