What a birthday…

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I love birthdays.  I love how you can be completely selfish and no one cares.  I love fun and beautiful cards.  I love having that one day a year where you’re the center of attention.  I love the fun emails and post cards from stores and companies.  I love the ability to spend the day however you want – at the gym, pampering yourself, whatever because it’s your day.  I love the phone calls, text messages, emails, and facebook posts wishing you a Happy Birthday.  It sure does make a girl feel loved.  
What a great day.  The sun was shining.  The weather was beautiful.  And I was feeling good.  🙂

I started my day with an hour long massage.  I’m not here to review the place I went, but it wasn’t as “spa like” as I prefer.  It was more walk-in, go to your room, get ready, massage, pay, leave.  You may stop and wonder what else there needs to be but I’ve gone to several different places and these ones usually fall at the bottom of my list.  I really like the places that have locker rooms and give you robes and flip flops to wear.  Places that send you to a dark room with relaxing music to wait until someone comes and gets you.  These sorts of places allow you to begin the process of relaxation before you even step foot in your room or lay down on the table.  These places also generally have showers so you can quickly rinse off the lotions and oils.  Or they have steam showers and you just have to take advantage of the high-class facilities.  I went to a place last year that gave you access to a pool before and after your massage.  I like these kinds of places.  And the place I went today was not this way, but my massage was still good (not the best I’ve had, but still relaxing nonetheless). 
I followed the massage with a trip to the gym.  I really wanted to spend more time there but since it was already afternoon and I didn’t plan ahead with a packed snack, I was getting hungry.  I still got an amazing workout though.
I came home and ate some lunch, opened the big Target box and the cards that I’ve been accumulating this past week and called my parents.  And for all of you out there wondering what on earth was in the giant Target box?  A food processor!!  Yes, I’m going to totally geek out on you with this but I’m super excited!  There will be homemade peanut butter, almond butter and hummus in my future people!  And if you’re lucky, I may just share. 🙂
After I got off the phone, I drove over to Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica for some birthday cupcakes!  I wanted to make sure I got some cake on my birthday.  What? It’s not your birthday without a little cake.  I bought their 3 for $5 cupcake babies.  Less decisions, more cake.  I win.  I decided on Mom’s Birthday Cake, Mocha Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate.

When I got home I started watching The Blindside and paused briefly to make myself a delicious pasta dinner with a baby spinach salad and garlic bread.  I am so full but it was amazing.  And let me just comment that The Blindside is an amazing feel-good movie!  I had never seen it before and I am so glad it was at the top of my Netflix queue to be enjoyed today.  I loved that movie.
And now that the evening is drawing to a close and my eyes are getting sleepy, I plan to float my way over to my yoga mat for a bit.  I could use a little more movement in my body in hopes to make some room for those cupcakes!  And then I plan to hit the hay a little early so I can continue year number twenty-four feeling refreshed and happy just like it started this morning.
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes – now it’s time for this girl to make a wish and blow out the candles.

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  1. B

    mmm massage, gym, hummus, cupcakes, veggies…you actually have me fantacizing about “the good life” in America. Someday!

    You forgot about the wine though, so I hope you enjoyed some with your pasta and movie!

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