What are your three things?

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I shared a post on Instagram yesterday and I was honestly quite shocked by how much engagement it got. Obviously I wanted it to get people talking, but let’s get real, sometimes it’s hard to know what is actually going to resonate with people. And THIS seemed to resonate.

The post was about the three things we seek to do every single day. I’m sure we each actually have more than that, but what are the things that you want to be a non-negotiable?

I have the Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Daily Planner (which I LOVE) and one of the prompts each day that never changes are “3 things.” I interpret this as the THREE main things I need to do every single day, and outside of that everything else is just a bonus. There’s a section underneath for my to-do list, so I try to take this outside of the items that would appear there.

Here are my three things are:

1. Move my body

This could be an actual workout, yoga, or just a long walk outside. The goal is to move my body in some way.

2. Meditate

I want at least 10 minutes of meditation a day. This generally occurs first thing in the morning but that’s not always possible. Some days I even get in a second bit of time but the goal is at least once a day. I notice when I’ve been skipping it…

3. Eat Mindfully

Note this doesn’t say “eat perfectly.” That’s not the goal. The goal is to eat mindfully. To me this means balancing healthy foods and the occasional splurge, allowing myself a glass of wine or two a couple nights a week, and listening to my hunger cues vs just eating because it’s “time.”

A few other things that I try to do every day include gratitude journaling, texting or calling a friend or family member, learn something (by listening to a podcast or reading a book), write (I’m not actually great at this one but I want to work on it), inspire someone to be better or follow their dreams….well, and drink coffee. ha!

The conversation on my Instagram was so inspiring and now I’m really curious what would YOUR three things be? Let me know in the comments below or head over to my IG and keep the conversation going!