What I Ate At HLS

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Last Thursday was a long day.  Aside from the fact that it’s my usual long (ie 12 hour) day, I was anxious to get home from work, finish packing and leave bright and early Friday morning for Minneapolis for the Healthy Living Summit.


It may seem like I’m gearing up to recap my time at HLS, I’m really just going to share the food of HLS…and not even all of it, just what I happened to take a picture of. 😉


Before the cocktail party Friday night, Amanda and I met some other lovely ladies at Kindee Thai for dinner.  I ordered the Kindee Salad which had hard boiled egg, crispy tofu, and veggies with a delicious peanut curry dressing! Seriously, I need to recreate that dressing!

IMG_2220Breakfast Saturday morning was provided and while good, there were only a few options for this lactose intolerant vegetarian.  I took some fruit, a couple slices of gluten-free bread and the vegan/gf oatmeal topped with strawberries and nuts.  Alongside I had a cup of coffee with soy milk.  Like I said, good but not fabulous. I basically had the same this Sunday morning but ran upstairs for a banana and almond butter I brought from home.

IMG_2226Lunch was a taco and salad bar.  I threw some delicious spicy tofu strips on top of a salad with veggies and really, who could say no to a churro for dessert? Not me!


Saturday night a group of us went to Crave for dinner.  There weren’t many options for me but I ended up ordering their grilled salmon salad which despite the poor lighting was good.

IMG_2248As I’m sure you can imagine, there were lots of snacks consumed throughout the day on Saturday as well as some fruit and trail mix while driving to and from Minneapolis.  While being surrounded by so much food, I’m happy that I was able to eat fairly well while still enjoying some indulgences.  But regardless please excuse me, I’m in need of a giant garbage bowl salad. 😉


As always, thanks to Jenn and her chickpea for hosting!

What are some tasty things you ate this weekend?

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