What I Ate…Sorta.

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I was telling one of my manager Monday night about how awful my memory has been lately, specifically my short term memory.  Some days I feel like I’m waiting for the moment I wake up and don’t even remember where or who I am.  That might be a bit dramatic, but I swear my memory is fading and here’s my proof.

I was going to make banana bread – remember? I forgot.  I forgot to use the bananas Amy left that got too ripe.  I threw them in the freezer for another day.  A few days later, I took them out of the freezer to thaw out to make banana bread later in the afternoon.  I forgot.  I didn’t think throwing them back in the freezer was going to work out so well, so they went in the trash.

And then I was planning to make today’s post all about what I ate.  So I started taking pictures of my food one day.  Then I forgot.  So I decided I’d do the next day.  I forgot.  Well at least I still have Tuesday to remember and photograph my food and show you some of my new favorite eats…right? Wrong.  I remembered for breakfast.  I remembered for snack #1.  I was so hungry at lunch, I forgot.  I was realizing during snack #2 that I forgot lunch pictures and distracted myself enough with those thoughts that I had finished snack #2 before taking a picture.

What is going on!?

If I wasn’t already having enough trouble remembering things, I think it’s going to get worse.  Rewinding back to Monday night…not only did I joke with my manager about my memory loss, I have a premonition.  But I didn’t act on it because I thought it was me being paranoid.  Nope.

I had a light fall on my head.  Not a light bulb; not a lamp fall over and and I just happened to be in the way.  A full on ceiling light fell out of it’s tracks while my coworker was adjusting it and it hit me on the head landed on my head while I was working on floor tracks.  Like full on force of gravity bringing this baby to the floor.  I closed my eyes to prevent myself from passing out, took deep breaths, put a bag of frozen broccoli on my head (who brings that to work?), filled out an incident report and was back at it (after they finished the lights that is).  But if there was any bit of short term memory left, it may now be gone.  Please excuse me if I repeat myself today, I don’t know any better. 😉

With that, here’s the food I remembered to photograph yesterday:

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