What Is A Dream Job?

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What makes a dream job a dream? Can a dream job still be a dream job if it’s not in the location you want it to be? Is it still a dream job if it means sacrificing something else that is extremely important to your heart? What truly makes a dream job and do they even exist?

I’ve found myself a bit lost lately as I navigate what I want my future to look like. I’m realizing some things that are working, some things that aren’t, some that need to be more short term, and some that are long term. I’m being rather vague for a reason; I’m not ready to dive into all the details that I’m feeling, at least not yet. And honestly, I’m still trying to understand what some of those feelings actually are.

I try to think about what my “dream job” is, what it looks like, where it’s located, what it makes my day-to-day life look and feel like, how it supports an abundant life, what I’m actually doing, etc.

And sometimes, I think that’s where I get lost. I can’t necessarily or clearly answer those questions, though I do think I’m getting closer.

I think about jobs of past and present, jobs that I once thought were the dream job, jobs that seemed like the missing piece to put this whole puzzle together. Not only were they not that, they also weren’t my dream job. Don’t be mistaken, I’m still grateful for the job I have now and the jobs I had prior, for the things they taught me, the bills they paid, the new experiences and growing opportunities (whether within my career or personally) they presented, but I’m not in a dream.

When I think about my future, I picture a life with financial freedom, surrounded by friends and family, having a beautiful garden in the backyard, a home gym in the basement, connection to generations past, a beautiful home where people can visit. I imagine myself writing and traveling and speaking and inspiring and learning and growing and sharing and storytelling.

But I don’t know what that all means yet, but I guess that’s okay, right?

At 30, it’s easy to feel like you need to have all your shit together but I’m often reminded by friends in their 30s and beyond, you never really feel like you have all your shit together. Maybe you never really know what your dream job is? Maybe that’s because we’re constantly growing and evolving as people and as we do, that can change.

At one point my dream job was to be a band manager. By 21, I was doing that job. I came, I saw, I conquered. Now at 30, I want something new, exciting, different and not that. I guess I’m still figuring it out.

Do you have a dream job? What is it?