What To Do When You’re Feeling Sorry

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There comes a time, in a short life

Turn it around, get a rewrite

Call it a dark, night of the soul

Ticking of clocks, gravity’s pull

First you get close, then you get worried


I have this strange connection to artists and bands that I’ve worked with before, even if not directly. One of those bands is Cold War Kids. After managing their recording budget on one of their earlier albums, I always love to hear their music and the new stuff that’s coming out.

Well today’s song isn’t new, it’s from their 2014 release, Hold My Home, but when I heard it the other day, it really spoke to me.


We all have time’s in our lives where things don’t go as planned and it’s easy to get caught up in that darkness, in the negative but it’s about looking at the opportunity that it brings. Those moments offer you the chance to change things, to rewrite the story so to speak. This is your opportunity so turn it around.

This is what I’m tell myself when I’m feeling sorry for myself, when I’m feeling frustrated or upset. I hope you will remind yourself to rewrite the story when you’re feeling that way too.

What do you listen to when you’re feeling frustrated or upset?