What would YOU do?

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If you had a week off work, couldn’t take a “real” vacation, but wanted to find some fun and relaxing things to do, what would you do? Or where would you go?




3 thoughts on “What would YOU do?

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  2. Hannah @ Eat, Drink and Save Money

    I love staycations! It is a chance to act like a tourist in your own town. I would do cheesy tourist things. We live near the beach, but hardly ever go, so I would def spend some time in the sand. I would also invest some quality time in a lazy movie day!

  3. Dave

    1. SF – SD bike tour (fly or train up, ride back)
    2. run, yoga, cook, eat, read, repeat
    3. clean and organize the garage and kitchen
    4. disassemble, clean, reassemble all 3 bicycles
    5. drive to sf to see my nieces, pretend to be an urban hipster, walk to coffee shops and run trails at Mt. Tam.
    6. drive to Tucson to see/stay with a good friend, ride/run till I can’t see straight, and eat vegan food
    7. finish the 8 books on my stack, catch up on sleep, watch the last 20 “good” movies I’ve missed, add more books by Kindle
    8. go through the closet, garage, storage and donate away all the stuff I no longer use/wear/want
    9. make a list of friends I’ve lost contact with and go out of my way to schedule and visit with at least 1 or 2 every day
    10. try out a new yoga studio (most have free first weeks) and overindulge
    11. volunteer at an animal shelter
    12. Organize all of my digital music and movies, convert file formats, centralize, and set up a backup, add storage to my file server.

    But in all actuality, the real #1 would be to book a flight to Honolulu and hang out at my dad’s house, eat his food, sit on his porch, run the HURT trails, swim at Ala Moana, etc. That would be a “real” vacation for other people and flights aren’t cheap but it’s close to a staycation for me and it’s always the #1 pick because once I get there my stress all melts away. If you are willing to dance for 4 hours/night, I can give you my dad’s info 🙂

    Not sure what your budget is, but if you have access to a bicycle, riding it doesn’t cost anything other than food which you’d have to eat anyway (you just eat more of it when you’re in motion all day.) So, a bike tour might be an option to consider, especially if you can stay with friends along the way.

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