What’s Beautiful – Re-Motivating Myself

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Several months ago, around the start of the FitMixer Bootcamp, I decided to take part in the UnderArmour What’s Beautiful challenge.  A challenge to help bring out the inner athlete in the everyday woman.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish or reach my goal.  In fact, you could say I completely forgot that I was competing as I was so wrapped up in the FitMixer Bootcamp and everything else that was going on in my life.

Well, it’s time to try again; get back on the horse; give it my all!

I updated my goal:

I’ve started competing in the challenges again:

And I’m working to sweat.every.day:

And most importantly, I’m re-motivating myself.  I got out of routine; I lost my motivation; I forgot what I made this move for: my future.  I may spend my Saturday nights with my head in a book but it’s with a goal in mind; a goal that will lead to my future career.

So like I said, I’m re-motivating myself; I’m getting back on that horse; And I’m going to give it my all because that’s what I would hope each of you would do when times get tough or you feel like your workouts or diet aren’t where you want them to be.  What’s the point in sitting around and sulking when you can get out there and be and make the change you want to see? 

 What area of your life could use some fresh motivation?

How can you re-motivate yourself to accomplish your goals?

4 thoughts on “What’s Beautiful – Re-Motivating Myself

  1. Calee (@chimes)

    I almost participated in that, but then realized I’d probably forget about it. 😉

    So have you ever run 5K (at once)? Or is it that you haven’t raced one yet? I was going to say if you want to sign up for a day to do a 5K with me (via the internet), I could help motivate you. I’m working back up to that.

    1. admin Post author

      I’ve done the 5k distance multiple times (I actually did a 10k on accident one time last year…lol) but I’ve never run a race before so I’m going to do a 5k as my first race as I’m working towards a 10k later this fall (and maybe a 1/2 marathon next year?)

    1. admin Post author

      YES!! I’m going to run one at the end of the month!

      (p.s. glad to see the comment field is working today! yay!)

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