What’s In Your Makeup Bag – Day 11

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I’m late, I’m sorry!!  Yesterday was one of those days that I just felt like was busier than it was actually meant to be.  I was at work the night before until midnight for a meeting and then needed to be back at 8 the next morning.  While my computer came with, waking up 40 mins before needing to be at work yesterday meant I forgot my pre-packed lunch in the fridge and instead of being able to spend my lunch getting things done (ie-blogging), I was trying to hunt down something I felt like eating for lunch, which by the way was extremely unsuccessful and ended up consisting of some yogurt and 2 chocolate chip cookies….real healthy, Katie. 🙁
After work I sat in traffic, went to the gym, ate dinner and then a friend came over to get ready to go out for another friend’s birthday.  We got home a little after midnight and I went straight to bed because I was exhausted.  I woke up this morning, met a friend at the gym, rushed home for a quick shower and breakfast, went to get my hair done (it’s been 9 months since I last had it cut..oops!), ran my errands and was trying to get things done at home.  I’ve got laundry in now, just cleaned the bathroom (and nearly passed out because apparently I used too much cleaner) and am finally getting to blogging.  Who knew these past two days would be so busy?
Anyway, I’m sure any of you boys out there reading this entry will have about zero interest in today’s yesterday’s topic:  What’s in your makeup bag?
Can I just start out by saying I have an adorable makeup bag? 🙂  I mean, look at it…

The contents are rather simple:
-Sponge for foundation application
-Pressed Powder
-Blush Brush
-Eyelash Curler
-Black and Cream Eyeliner (cream for highlighting)
-Two small eyeshadows
I have some additional makeup in a separate box under the sink that consists generally of additional eyeshadows and eyeliners, extra mascara, nail polish, etc but this is what I use everyday and small enough to toss in another bag if I plan to shower and get ready at the gym before work.  
That’s all for now! (Don’t worry the post for today is coming soon too!!)