What’s Inspiring You Today?

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Last week while reading blogs, I ran across Katy Widrick’s The Power of Passion Projects post.  While she was talking about the final #FitBlog chat, the message really resonated with me, especially when she said this:


Passion is power. Passion is the only thing that can effect change…I don’t know what will drive you, but I do know that if it’s something you’ll happily spend three years doing, without compensation, it’s probably something that will change you for the better and help you change others.


Is it crazy that it nearly brought me to tears? It just resonated so strongly in my heart and I’m not sure I can explain it any other way.  Regardless, it left me looking around for more inspiration on how I want to live my life and each day…


…on how I never want to give up on my dreams…


…on ensuring I don’t allow bad days to get to me…


…and the message I want to send out to the world.


What’s inspiring you today?

5 thoughts on “What’s Inspiring You Today?

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    LOVE this! I have been thinking a lot about what I am passionate about recently and how I can feasibly change my “path” to get a happier route. Posts like this keep me motivated to continue moving in the right direction!

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