what’s keeping me from my new phone

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If it requires me to use my brain and think, it’s not happening today.  Quite honestly, we’re lucky I’ve been able to do anything at all.
I opened at work this morning and was thankfully fairly productive in the morning but despite that, it was evident that I was beyond exhausted.  So much so my managers told me to leave early today and there couldn’t have been better news.  When I left around 1, I thought I was doing okay and decided a quick trip to the gym to unwind would be good for me.  I was fading quickly but it wasn’t until I came home, sat on my bed to take off my shoes and was asleep before I even un-tied my lace,s did I realize just how exhausted I was.
It was a super fun week despite working my tail off and really I only wish I had more energy because I want to play with my new iPhone 4S!  I was elligble for an upgrade, my 3GS was showing it’s age and acting up, and after working so hard, I decided I was allowed to buy it for myself.  
…I just haven’t had time (or energy) to play with this beauty.  But oh my, I’m sure I will be sharing plenty “that’s what Siri said” because it’s hilarious, awesome and possibly one of the coolest things ever!