What’s the difference between Facebook and a MacBook? …and it’s a sad day

“Hey lady!! Hey lady! What’s the difference between Facebook and a MacBook?”
That’s the question I got yesterday from this adorable older lady at work.  It was one of those questions that you couldn’t do anything but giggle inside as you help her understand.  When I finished helping her, I went over to one of my managers and told him.  I pointed out who she was and he was like “oh I love that lady!”  Apparently she has been coming into our store for years, attending numerous workshops to learn how to use the computers but she does not own one yet because she does not think she “is ready yet.”  It’s really adorable and totally made my night. 🙂
So other than that, I’m a mix of emotions today.  I have some very potentially exciting things going on at work that has me at the edge of my seat waiting.  If all goes as planned, I will have been told some good news tomorrow, though I may not actually be able to share the news for awhile.  Sorry folks.
At the same time this excitement is building inside of me, I’m also a little sad.  I got a call from my parents this morning that they had to put my childhood cat down this morning.  Apparently Smokey had lost a few teeth and they took her to the vet, assuming she probably had gum disease.  The vet did some x-rays and a biopsy and confirmed what she really had was cancer of the jaw.  The vet said if she tried to force open Smokey’s mouth, she would most likely break her jaw.  They had to put her down.  I’m glad she’s not in pain but it does make me sad.  My other cat growing up, Star, was put down last year and every time I went home it was always very weird not having him run to the door to greet us or sitting in the window sill watching us walk up the sidewalk.  Now when I go home, Smokey won’t rub against my legs while eating dinner hoping that we’ll either drop food, pet her or both.  I won’t find patches of black fur on the chair or at the bottom of my bed where she took her last nap.  Sometimes it really surprises me how much animals become a part of our lives and how we miss their personalities and little behaviors just like we do after we lose a person we care about.  
This picture is a little old but here is my mom with both Star and Smokey on her lap.  r.i.p. my kitties.  

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  1. Tracey

    sorry to hear about the kitty. i know how hard it can be to lose a pet, especially a childhood pet. amazing how they can become such a cherished part of our lives. <3

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