When Fear Gets in the Way

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I’m going to get kind of serious here today but I hope it’s in a way that brings about motivation and change for each of you, as well as me.  Because I know that sometimes I need a good old kick in the butt.

I have that quote as a magnet on my fridge to serve as a daily reminder to not let the unknown and fear of the unknown get in my way.  But sometimes I still do and I’m sure sometimes you do too.  The thing is, sometimes I think we’re afraid of success.  Maybe it’s because the opposite of success in our minds is failure, but why does it have to be so black and white?

I’m sure you can imagine something happened that’s making me bring this up.  A few weeks ago I was invited to attend an event.  When I got the initial “save the date” I was so excited and even the days leading up to the event it was all I could talk and think about.  But then the morning of the event was the same morning I was flying back from New York City.  I woke up super crabby to be coming back to LA; I sat at the airport in tears trying to figure out how to not get on the plane; and I spent the whole flight trying to sleep off the ever growing anxiety about my return.

By the time my flight landed and my ride to the airport showed up, I had less than 90 minutes to drop my friend back off at home, drop my stuff off at home, change into proper clothing, eat a quick snack and make my way to the event.  I knew it would be tight but it was possible.  And in fact I did make it with about 5-10 minutes to spare.

And then I sat in the parking lot and contemplated going in.  I was completely exhausted (physically and mentally), still hungry, and then the fear set in.  I realized I hadn’t prepared any questions to ask the guest of honor; I hadn’t put any make-up on my face to be picture ready; and I couldn’t even get up the energy to think.  So I put the key back in the ignition and drove away.  I freaking drove away!

I’m not someone who has regrets because I don’t think they actually get you anywhere.  In fact I think they do the complete opposite.  And if I’m being honest, at the end of the day, coming home and going straight to bed was probably what was best (for me and everyone else) but sometimes I can’t help but realize how much I allowed fear to take over that moment.  Maybe fear made me feel more tired; maybe it made me crabbier; maybe it made the ultimate decision.  But what it definitely did, was make me realize how much I hate it and I hate it having a say in my life and what I do.  I’m working to fix that.

When have you allowed fear to take over?

How do you combat your fears?

5 thoughts on “When Fear Gets in the Way

  1. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning

    What an amazing post! FEAR is such a powerful thing- I feel like it controls me more than I even realize. When you think about being “scared” about something, you think it has to be more dramatic- like being afraid of jumping out of a plane or being attacked by a bear. But other types of fear are the ones that are TOUGH- the ones we have to deal with every day. As much as I want to be successful, fear still holds me back. I don’t know why- I wish I did. Why are so many of us afraid of being happy? Would we miss complaining? Lots of interesting things to think about here. 🙂

  2. B

    Sissy, I’ve definitely been in similar situations…at last minute, for whatever reason, backing out of something that I was going to do and kicking myself about it for days. However, I totally agree with the no regrets thing, which makes it more upsetting when you get annoyed with yourself for not doing something. Stay strong, you’ll get through this season!

  3. Holly A.

    This very topic has been on my mind a lot recently. And for me it seems that some things are far easier for me to get my hands around than others. I’ve been kicking ass lately socially but in my own head, I’m drowning in self doubt and exhaustion. No fun. I’ve got to get out. So, tomorrow I’m going to do my damnedest to take your advice and go for it.

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