When the going gets tough…

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…the tough go to bed?!
Who doesn’t want to fall asleep to Bon Iver and then start their day with more Bon Iver?  All I know is it sounds amazing to me and is exactly what I’ve been doing.  (I told you I was obsessed!)
I ended up canceling my plans for last night and going to bed rather early as I was not feeling well.  I woke up still not feeling great.  It’s the downfall of working in retail and around so many people – germs!  I don’t even work on the floor anymore but it’s like once something hits one person in the store, it spreads like a wildfire!  I’m not completely taken down by whatever this is, it seems to just be in this little cold stage.  I hope this is as bad as it gets because I’m ready to be over it already.  I’d been feeling a a little off all week (waking up stuffy, feeling extra tired and lazy, etc) but thought maybe it was allergies.  Nope, it’s a cold.  And skipping my plans while upsetting, I know it was best to just get some extra rest and not push it.
Now with my day off today, I hope to continue relaxing and resting so I can get back to my usual self and gain strength and energy to prepare for this move!
I’m so excited the new roommate and I got the apartment we wanted!  We go to sign our lives away + lose our entire savings on Monday.  Okay, so that might be a bit of an over-statement but you know what I mean. 😉  Then locks get changed and we’ll be allowed to start moving in a bit early (free of charge!).  While I have until mid-July, I’m definitely planning to start moving things in early.  I plan to get all nerdy and map out my room just like I did with this apartment for the best possible layout and organization.  I’m already excited to get settled in and optimistic about the changes ahead.
Now I just need to figure out this thing called money…I’m going to be saving about $100/month on rent plus all of my utilities will be split, which will help quite a bit.  But I hate the feeling of living paycheck to paycheck and I’m over asking my ‘rents for help.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the help and their support and willingness, but I don’t feel like I should still need it.  I feel like I need to find a way to stand on my own two feet now and allow them to use their money for themselves or to fly me home to visit them. 😉
So this brings me back to my daily internal brainstorming session: How can I supplement my income?  Even just a little bit without driving myself into the ground?  I’d gladly welcome your ideas and advice…