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I am having a busy busy week! Work is insane as our offices are attached to the company fulfillment center and with orders coming in like crazy, the office team has been bobbing back and forth between the two. I’m not complaining, but it has made for long days, shorter evenings and bed time as soon as I can make it happen. 😉

As such, I skipped sharing a new gift guide yesterday in lieu of extra sleep and now it’s time to get right back to it! I’m particularly excited to share todays topic…


My family has started doing a Christmas Eve White Elephant exchange and while I didn’t get to participate last year being on the road, I’ve been hearing how fun it was and I’m excited to join this year!


1 – Mop Slippers

Have you seen these things? I just about died laughing when I first saw them a couple days ago. I had no clue they even existed! What a way to make a laugh! Not sure yet if this is what I’ll be contributing but I should admit it’s on the short list.

2 – Gifts That Give Back

Now, I’m not just saying this because I work for Greater Good but seriously, I love giving people gifts that I know are also doing good and helping someone. It’s like 3 gifts in one (1 for the person you’re buying it for, 1 for the person who it’s helping, and 1 for me and the extra good feeling it brings.)

3 – A Game/Puzzle

Whether it be Cards Against Humanity (who doesn’t LOVE that game?!) or some other game, it’s always a fun idea. Plus, if the party starts to get a bit boring, there’s one quick way to bring it back to life!

4 – A Hat

Okay, so the ladies may not fight over this one as much but I feel like the guys are going to be fight for it! It’s hilarious AND practical! 😉

5 – Dollar Store Finds

Honestly, hit up the dollar store and pick and choose a variety of items. They can be funny or serious or a mix of both. Just have fun with it and throw together a little variety pack.

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What would you give for a White Elephant Exchange?

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16 thoughts on “White Elephant Gift Guide

  1. Tawni

    Omg those mop slippers are genius!! And hilarious. I might need to get those for my husband. Also, Cards Against Humanity wins this list. 😉


    1. Katie Post author

      LOVE Cards Against Humanity!! I’m not sure if it’s something my family would enjoy or if some of them may find it to be a bit too crazy BUT it’s definitely a must when hanging out with friends!

  2. Chrissy

    We have never done this – probably because we exchange gifts on Christmas Eve here in Germany! We even did that during our time in the US, because it is an important tradition to us. I love the idea though – sounds like so much fun!

    1. Katie Post author

      That’s awesome! We used to do one gift on Christmas Eve growing up (usually a pair of pajamas), but I love how you’ve carried that tradition over! 🙂

  3. Sara Strand

    Last year we did this with friends and I bought a “Shark Week” pouch on Etsy to carry supplies for your period. It was a phenomenal hit. Everyone in the restaurant was howling. 🙂

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