A Whole Day of Cashew Recipes!

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Did you know today is World Cashew Day? I’m going to guess not, so SURPRISE! It is!

I absolutely adore cashews and so I am happy to celebrate by pulling in a few of my fellow bloggers to join in the fun with some delicious recipes featuring cashews! In fact, you could make every single one of these recipes for an entire DAY full of cashews. How’s that for a celebration?!


Side note: Costco now carries giant jars of cashew butter and it is delicious! I won’t tell you how quickly I ate it. 😉 


Cardamom Infused Coconut Cashew Creamer from Treats with a Twist

I don’t usually put creamer in my coffee but cardamom makes me think of this delicious Swedish coffee bread my mom makes, so I could definitely get behind a morning with cream filled coffee if cardamom is involved!


Vegan Pizza Snack Bars from Healthy Helper

Smoky Cashew Chipotle Cheese from Tasting Page

Because…pizza. 🙂


Cashew Vegetable Quinoa Bowl from The Fit Blog

I absolutely love topping my stir fry bowls with cashews so this looks absolutely amazing!


No Bake Paleo Tiramisu Bites from The Fit Foodie Mama

Mint Chocolate Cashew Cream No Bake Bars from Food Faith Fitness

I couldn’t choose only one dessert, so I can have a bit of both, right? 🙂

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What is your favorite recipe using cashews?

10 thoughts on “A Whole Day of Cashew Recipes!

  1. Rebecca Hicks

    Mmm that’s such a good idea. My favorite cashew recipe is the mushroom stroganoff from the TIU meal plan. My hubby and I add in some beef, and we’re good to do. Yum!

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