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I know I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’ll be speaking at this year’s Healthy Living Summit. I’m such a bundle of nerves and excitement and in some moments, it doesn’t even seem real. I guess because in my mind, it’s the “big” bloggers that speak at conferences. What do us “smaller” bloggers have to share?


But let’s get real. At the end of the day, I’ve been blogging for over 3 years and I DO have experience, I DO have tips and best practices and I DO have something that someone else can benefit from. But also, I’m hoping to start a DISCUSSION – something where we can all learn from each other, because that’s what makes this community so wonderful.


My session is called Change Up Your Blogging: A Guide to Different Types of Posts and for anyone interested, here’s the description:

Not all blog posts are created equal! Learn about the many different types of posts in this hands-on workshop, and leave with a few drafts started and a list of fun ideas for upcoming posts.

If you’re attending HLS this year, I hope you’ll attend my session, support and join the discussion. It should be a good time.


If you’re not attending HLS, I think you should rethink that. Honestly. I’ve gone 2 years and had a great time both years, walking away with lots of new information but also having a blast with new and old friends.



Did you recognize anyone? 😉



Maybe in this one too? HA! I’m so awkward on camera but glad they could find a little something to use.


Anyway, I wanted to talk HLS today because their “Early Registration” is only going on for a few more days so if you want to save some money and ensure your spot, I highly recommend registering now while you can.


Hope to see you there!


Are you planning to attend HLS this year?

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  1. Jillian

    Sounds like a great talk! I had given some thought to this, but it just isn’t in my budget. I do hope to get to one eventually!

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