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IMG_1038I’m excited to share what was under this foil with you but first can I just say that I think I love The Biggest Loser? I’ve only watched part of episodes before but was really interested to see how they tackle childhood obesity this season.  Well after 2 episodes I’ve been a crying mess and while I may not need the motivation to get in the gym and workout, it’s motivating me in other ways of my life and motivating me even more to help others get healthy.  I’m excited to see this season progress.


Anyway back to that mysterious package.  I should tell you it’s not a healthy eat but there’s certain times each year when it’s okay to indulge a bit – like on a birthday  So under that tin foil, was this:


Ice cream cakes seem to be my new thing and I’m okay with it, but I really took this one up a notch.  As a reminder, here was my mom’s birthday cake:


Two vanilla cakes with a tri-ice cream layer to please each of us (dairy-free vanilla for me, coconut for mom, non-coconut for dad) and topped with icing from a jar.  Looking back, easy peasy.


Take a closer look at Dads:

photo-185Two brownie cakes (boxed brownie mix with Chobani 2% instead of oil and cooked in two round cake pans), mint ice cream (with a small section with dairy-free mint ice cream), and homemade icing (1 container light cool-whip, 1 package sugar-free chocolate pudding + 1/2 the amount of liquid called for) in between each layer and completely covering the cake.  It was so good and definitely a hit with the family!


Maybe too much of a hit…I was asked if I can be hired to make my own birthday cake in April.  😉


Happy eats and fun treats!


And to ensure there’s something healthy in this post, make sure to head over to the FitKit blog today and check out a healthy couscous salad recipe!

What tasty eats have you had lately?

Ever try to make an ice cream cake?

12 thoughts on “WIAW Birthday Cake

  1. SoFitSoGreen

    Love it! That cake looks amazing. I wonder what would happen if you tried to make it with banana icecream?? The blog is so cute! I’m over at SoFitandSoGreen.blogspot.com if you are looking for more healthy recipes and fitness motivations 🙂

  2. Calee

    Hey Katie … my birthday is October 10. Just sayin’.

    PS I’m going to have to check out biggest loser. I have a really hard time watching shows when they’re actually on. it’s hard to commit. but there’s a free tv project (google it) that you can watch episodes as they air (like the day after).

  3. Maria @powerpeanutlife

    Holy ice cream cake! How long did that take you?

    I’ve heard this Biggest Loser season is a must watch. I’m on the same boat as you where I’ve seen bits and pieces in the past but never really got into it. Looks like I might have to give it another shot.

  4. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    You’re working on an almost-vegan version for me in August, right? 😉

    Also, I watched the first episode of Biggest Loser on Hulu last night, and OMG I was hooked. I haven’t watched the show in about 4 years I think, but I might just be committed this season…

  5. Eating 4 Balance

    That ice cream cake looks seriously good. My mom used to make us ice cream cake with layers of chocolate cake, cookie dough ice cream, and crushed oreos. Heaven.

    Love the label on top to ward away curious cats 🙂

  6. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Omg! Ok, so my birthday was actually last month, but there is NO way I can wait 11 months until my next one so could we like rewind a bit and you make me this?! 😉 Cool whip icing…frosting…whatever you call it is my ABSOLUTE FAVE!! And man, I really need to try that Cho substitute for the brownie mix…hmm, wait, maybe I don’t…I did just FINALLY get the taste of cookies out of my system! Lol

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