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I chipped my tooth yesterday.  No freakin’ joke; I chipped it on my way to work while chewing gum.  It was a major bummer and seeing as I have the BIGGEST fear and anxiety over going to the dentist, I’m sure you can just imagine how upset I am over this.  And yes I know, this is where someone should tell me “first world problems” and yes, I know.

But, despite my upset over this, I have to say I am very thankful for having health insurance.  In fact, I’m in the last few months of being covered by my parents health insurance and for that I’m so thankful, especially after the last year or my life.  I’d be even more in debt if I didn’t have it.

But now onto the fun stuff because it’s Wednesday and I get to share all of the yummy things I’ve eaten, and boy have I had some delicious meals!


Pumpkin Oatmeal pancakes topped with bananas, peanut butter and a bit of maple syrup.  Hang tight, recipe coming soon!


While this is my usual yogurt bowl with fruit, the fruit mix made me feel like it was the middle of summer – kiwi, pineapple and grapes.  Delicious!


We consider it a lucky day when my dad agrees to make spaghetti for dinner.  In fact, I believe my mom said it felt like her birthday all over again.  My bowl was mostly spaghetti squash, topped with a bit of regular pasta, homemade sauce, with a salad and glass of wine on the side.


I hope there will be some delicious recipes to share with you guys soon as I’ve been doing a bit of recipe testing.  Lucky for my parents, they’ve been enjoying some of the tests. 🙂

Any particularly delicious foods you’ve had this week?

10 thoughts on “WIAW // Chipped Tooth

  1. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    OH no!!! I wish you could come to my office to get it fixed! I would take good care of you! Honestly, it will be an easy fix. Promise. Make sure you get your check up and cleaning before your insurance runs out!!
    I think we are spaghetti squash twins!! 🙂

  2. Catherine

    oooh peanut butter on pancakes, i love that idea! I’m new to the nut butter fad, but I’ve jumped in so I have like 6 jars of different kinds sitting around, but I haven’t figured out how to use it well (aside from eating big spoonfuls).
    Sorry about your tooth! I chipped mine once on a sport top water bottle, I was so mad at myself because I happened to be with my parents at the time and my mom was always telling me not to open my water bottle with my teeth or I’d chip a tooth…! and wouldn’t you know. sigh.

    1. admin Post author

      Welcome to my world of 6 jars at a time! I’ve had to cut back a bit since moving and I miss my nut butter choices each morning! 😉

  3. lindsay

    oh no, poor tooth! but it will literally take no time and pain to fix. Promise! and good call on the pasta/squash combo. Lucky Lady!

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