WIAW Honesty

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I’m going to be honest today.  Honest with you all.  But most importantly, I’m being honest with myself.  Sometimes that’s harder to do than you may think.

You see, I enjoy partaking in What I Ate Wednesdays.  They can be fun and a great opportunity to share new recipes, snack or meal ideas, but I’m a creature of habit and often eat the same (or similar versions of the same) foods everyday.  It can get old.  Not for me to eat, but to share with others.  I try to change it up from time to time but that doesn’t really work.  I like what I eat and I like how it makes my body feel (the most important thing for me).


Where am I going with this?

I like joining in the WIAW fun but I think it’s time I cut back.  It’s not to say I won’t partake anymore, but it’s not going to be every week.  It might be a few weeks in a row, or it might be several weeks apart.



Because for me it’s about quality, not quantity.  It’s about talking less, saying more.  It’s about ensuring I’m putting together posts that I feel good about sharing, not just posts for the sake of posting.


With that said, here’s my What I Ate Wednesday…

photo-191Oatmeal with banana, raisins and chia seeds for breakfast.

photo-190Chobani banana yogurt, blueberries and granola served in a jar and consumed while working a double.

photo-189Pizza, beer and football….remind me again why I’m single? 😉


So for those of you who find your way here on Wednesdays, thank you and I hope you’ll stick around, come back soon, and enjoy what else I have to say. 🙂


Tell me how your week is going!

Tell me something yummy that you ate!

19 thoughts on “WIAW Honesty

  1. Melissa

    Great job realizing it isn’t what you want it to be. Quality over quantity is definitely the better choice. :). The yougurt on a jar looked yummy!! I wish I liked oatmeal, that looked so good too. 🙁

    1. admin Post author

      Maybe you just don’t like the way it’s cooked? Or stove top would be better versus instant? To me, oatmeal is like a blank slate with endless possibilities, though i highly recommend pb and banana! 🙂

  2. lindsay

    it’s hard for me to participate as well. I used every week but now my time is limited and so are my meals. it’s totally ok. I think we can support something we don’t participate in, yes?

    1. admin Post author

      I just cook it on the stove top. 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, cinnamon and chia seeds. Then I always top with banana and peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll stir some of the banana in while it’s cooking so it kind of “melts” into the oats.

  3. Eating 4 Balance

    I love WIAW; it’s the highlight of my blogging week. But sometimes it really is hard to find “quality” stuff to post… If my normal posts are even “quality” to begin with. Haha.

    Love your huge bowl of oatmeal. DEFINITELY some quality stuff going on over here 😉

    1. admin Post author

      I love reading everyone’s and when I feel like my WIAW posts are interesting, then I enjoy participating. Otherwise, I often feel like “here’s the same bowl of yogurt I’ve had everyday for the last 6 months.” 😉

  4. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    “I like what I eat and I like how it makes my body feel (the most important thing for me).”—> YES!!!!!

    So, I do WIAW when I can think of a theme (like the blueberry extravaganzas of the past two weeks) or I’m reviewing a product and feel like my giveaway might just benefit from extra link-up eyes-passing-over-the-photo. [It’s true. I mean, I want the company to get as much out of it as they can!]

    Just last night I was having this strange struggle about ‘Should I really post another IG picture of a yogurt and cereal bowl at 10PM at night? Are people going to start judging me for eating that almost every day?” And then I thought, “OK. First of all, you don’t have to post it on IG. Seriously, Sarah, get ahold of yourself. Secondly, if they judge, they judge. What’s it to you?”

    Yes, I eat ‘proats’ every morning, and often again every afternoon. Yes, I eat soup, veggies, and some sort of carb-y side for lunch every day. Yes, I have a bowl of veggies and hummus every night, and cereal and yogurt even later every night. It keeps me satisfied, fortified, energized, and feeling good. Is that wrong?

    Whoa. Sorry. That was like it’s own post in itself. 🙂 Maybe that will be my WIAW next week.

  5. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    Funny, I was just thinking the same thing last night as I did my WIAW post. I find that I’m doing lots of link ups, and less posts about things that I’m passionate about. So I’m with you! Although, I’ll still be joining in on your Friday link up because I’m super passionate about Fitness!

  6. De @ Cooking for the Other Half

    Your yogurt-in-a-jar looks awesome!!!!

    I made some pasta salad the other night and it was pretty yummy. I’m not usually a fan of pasta salad at restaurants or delis (usually way too heavy on mayo), but when I make it at home, I can control how much mayo I put in.

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