WIAW (or What I Remembered to Take a Photo Of)

I’ve mentioned before that I could never be a real food blogger.  While I’ll share my eats with you or new recipes I’ve made, I don’t consider myself a food blogger because we’re lucky to get the pictures of my food that we do. I don’t remember to take pictures of what I’m eating!


Maybe it’s because my memory stinks.  Maybe it’s because I go from not being hungry to being ravenous in about 2 seconds.  Or maybe it’s just because I’ve never made it a habit.  Regardless of the reason, it sure makes things difficult sometimes.


I was hoping to share some of my favorite snacks with you all this week but I failed.  There’s only 1 picture of a snack and it’s from my evening snack of cereal with almond butter.  It’s delicious and for me, a real treat!

photo-272Anyway, let’s see some of the eats I haven’t failed at taking pictures of the last few days:

photo-270While I’ve been talking about giving up Greek yogurt (to be entirely dairy-free), I haven’t done it yet and so for now, I’m still enjoying my beloved Chobani bowls.

photo-271I love dinners that come together easily and quickly, especially after a long day at work.  This was a veggie egg scramble topped with salsa and avocado.  It was so delicious and filling!

9903_902221878169_952418134_nMy dad wanted to grill and I’m not going to say no…well, except to the chicken he grilled for himself and my mom. 😉 Thankfully, he was nice enough to grill a veggie burger for me.  On the side we had asparagus, potatoes, and quinoa salad.  I also finished off with some fresh fruit salad.  I was stuffed – in the best way possible!


What delicious eats have you had this week?

8 thoughts on “WIAW (or What I Remembered to Take a Photo Of)

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Mmm, I love adding salsa and avocado to eggs. I know what you mean about neglecting to take pictures… I had so many moments this week where I finished eating something and then thought about how I wanted a photo of it! Oh well. 🙂

  2. rick copper

    Cheetos. Oh, I kid, I kid.
    Chobani Bites – namely coffee flavored with dark chocolate.
    Homemade granola with raspberries and bananas.

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