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Thank you for your support on yesterday’s Sugar Talk.  But I do want to be clear, I’m not restricting myself from sugar entirely, I’m just going to watch how much and what kind I’m eating.  Not because I eat a lot of it (I don’t) but because of how it makes my body feel – the headaches and stomachaches are just not worth it to me.


If you haven’t caught on, while I’m a fan of all things in moderation, I’m also a fan of eating real foods.  Foods that give me energy; foods that make my body feel good (physically and mentally); and foods that provide me with adequate nutrition.


For me, that generally looks like lots of salads, fruits and veggies, sweet potatoes, nuts and nut butters, Greek yogurt, smoothies, etc.

photo-202That’s not to say that’s all I eat, but I do try to make most of my diet consist of healthy yet delicious options.  This has taken years of trial and error to get just right but it’s what works for me, makes me feel my best, and gives me the energy to power through my day.  Well that and a cup of coffee…


But this doesn’t mean I don’t have room for improvement…especially when it comes to new situations like more intense fitness training or running my first 1/2 marathon.  Seriously!  Learning to fuel my body that is moving more than it ever has before hasn’t been easy and as I prepare for this weekends race, I find myself thinking about every bite of food that will go into my body this week, but especially Friday.


I’ve been trying to think about what I’ve been eating before my runs, especially before my long runs and I find myself wishing I kept a journal. (Stupid memory…) What was best? The sweet potato pancake I ate before my 10 miler or was that the cause of my tummy trouble? Or was it the Shot Blocks that I’ve been using for fuel? Should I make a dairy free pizza or nutritional yeast based mac & cheese? What veggies are okay and which veggies will be too much?

I’m thinking, over-thinking and worrying my way through this week. So as part of this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I want to know this:


What did you eat before a long run or race and how did it make you feel? Would you recommend that food to someone?

**Yes I know you shouldn’t eat something new before a long race.  This isn’t about eating something new but rather hoping someone suggests something that sparks one of the meals I’ve been eating and remind me that was my best pre-run dinner fuel.**

8 thoughts on “WIAW / Pre-Race Eats

  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I am totally NOT the norm, but I cannot eat nut butter before a run. For some reason it usually sits like lead and causes me LOTS of pain. Coconut butter was a mistake I will NEVER make again. [In fact, the effects were so long term that I am repulsed by the thought of even looking at it still, at least a month later.]

    That being said, I think everyone is different. One time I ate a whole bunch of kabocha because it was just so good, and I thought I was dooming myself from the start, but I was 100% OK. I ate an apple once and it was awful, but berries and bananas are fine.

    Usually I like something like oatmeal or toast, maybe with protein powder goop. SUPER simple, but stick-to-my-ribs lasting.

    [Can’t wait to see what you actually decided to go with…]

  2. candice@bodyofamother

    Depends on the race 5k, 10k I eat light like a banana and almond butter
    Marathons I have some oatmeal with protein powder, banana and pb and use baby food as fuel throughout! It works wonders.

  3. Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate

    I have also been experimenting with what makes my stomach unhappy, and since upping my mileage pre-run fuel has also been a factor in that experimentation. It’s an ongoing process, but I slowly starting to figure out what works for me!

  4. rebecca @ blueberry smiles

    I don’t run much anymore, but I used to not be able to eat anything before a long run…so not healthy! Sometimes I forced a banana and Gatorade down, but that was it. I think journaling to figure out what works best for you is a great idea!

  5. Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    I feel like everyone is different in what they can eat before running. I have a pretty strong stomach, and have rarely had tummy troubles as a result of food and running. My go-to pre-run breakfast is a piece of toast, with peanut butter, sliced banana, and sprinkling of ground flaxseed. Oh, and also water and a cup of coffee. 🙂

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