WIAW – Where I Am / What I Ate Wednesday

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As you’re reading this, there’s probably a few different things happening:

1 – Breakfast with the roomie at our favorite little divey breakfast place – S&W Diner.  This has been our birthday place this year, but it seemed fitting for our final morning.

2 – Scurrying around trying to pack any remaining things I realize are mine (I might have been mostly packed by Saturday, but that leaves me a few days to be like “oh wait, that’s mine too!” and find it a home in some box somewhere in that…)

3 – Driving to pick up my Dad at the airport, get our rental mini van, eat a quick lunch and make sure all of my stuff can fit between both vehicles.

4 – I’m an emotional mess having a hard time keeping the tears inside…

5 – And if we’re lucky, I’m not driving through a downpour of my own tears but rather safely making our way out of California and onto the open road for a few days of travel.

But while I’m busy driving, you can take a look at some of what I’ve been eating these last few days – can we tell I’m playing the finish what’s in the fridge/pantry game?


Whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and mashed banana with some iced coffee and almond milk.  A classic.


Some 2% Chobani mango with diced up nectarine and almond granola – with a pretty presentation.


I made one final batch of my Pesto Couscous salad to use the remaining ingredients in my pantry.  Just as good as it was before.

As a reminder, I don’t take a picture of everything I eat in a day, but I would like to share that I tried my first Boba tea this week while meeting a friend for a goodbye.  I got a chai spiced boba with almond milk – YUM!

And there was a lot of protein muffin consumption this week.  I mean when you make Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Pumpkin protein muffins that are amazing, you just can’t help yourself!

What new things have you tried this week?

12 thoughts on “WIAW – Where I Am / What I Ate Wednesday

    1. admin Post author

      YUM! I love sundried tomatoes but often forget how much when I’m planning my meals or at the grocery store.

  1. B

    1. I am definitely going to add that couscous salad to my reperatoire since I am obsessed with chickpeas and have a ton of pesto waiting for me in my fridge in B’more (I think?). Might add some feta to it though.

    2. I know your iced coffee was Starbucks but I am in such coffee withdrawal mode that even that almost looks good and definitely reminded me of the real good stuff. Yikes.

    3. Safe travels

    1. admin Post author

      1 – You should! It’s easy and delicious!
      2 – It’s just in a reusable starbucks cup but it’s actually trader joe’s coffee. 😉
      3 – THANK YOU!

  2. Jessie

    I’ve never heard of your dinner combo before. Sounds delicious though.

    Sadly, I haven’t tried anything new this week :-X.

    1. admin Post author

      You know, I’m more of a warm coffee girl too but after I was in NYC and Boston earlier this summer, I haven’t really wanted anything other than iced coffee.

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