Wish Me Luck

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This may be a surprise to some, but I’ve mentioned the efforts I’m making to save money and reduce costs where I can.  One of the ways that most people do this is by not living alone (aka, they have a roommate).  Well, I’m breaking from my solo hibernation and I’ve found someone I’m going to try living with (assuming we find an apartment we both agree on).  
She’s a friend of a friend and super nice and friendly.  I hope things work out because I think she seems like someone I could get along with pretty well. 
Anyway, she went out looking at places on Thursday and tomorrow is my turn to check out a few additional places and see the ones she deemed worthy of my visit.  My notes are ready.  My phone will be charged and ready to take photos.  My route is planned and map printed.  All I need now, is luck finding the place we can agree and afford to call home for potentially the next year.  
Once that gets determined, notice will be given to my current place and unnecessary furniture (and maybe my fridge if I’m lucky!) will go for sale.  Boxes will be collected and organization, throwing out of unnecessary things and packing will ensue.  Oh and finding people to help move me.  Or just finding people to move me so I don’t have to risk hurting myself (further than I already am). 
Wish me luck.
Deep breaths.

Generally that’s the goal. Source.