Words Are Powerful

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It’s a long week.  Coming back from my stay-cation, a lot going on at work, and not really being able to work out (more on that tomorrow), but it’s all creating this really long and fairly exhausting week.  We’re lucky I’ve even been able to get out of bed in the morning.  Trust me, it’s been a struggle.

But in times like these (or during a really tough workout), it’s important to keep pushing ourselves forward.  Sometimes it’s easier to just push through the discomfort, but other times, it’s just not that easy and we have to coach ourselves along; we have to inspire and motivate ourselves.

That’s where a good mantra comes in.

As cheesy as it may sound, I use these all the time.  I guess it’s just part of that whole positive-thinking thing we’re all working on.  So whether it be trying to finish another set of pushups at the gym I Am Strong or running just a little further than I did last time You Can Do It, mantras work.

And they don’t just have to be about fitness and healthy living.  I use them everyday like my ever-so-popular Just Breathe.

Maybe your mantra isn’t as simple as a 4 word phrase.  This blog was created and named after a new mantra I was setting for my life:

Whatever your mantra is that gets you through those tough workouts, tough days or tough weeks, repeat it as many times as you need because words are powerful.

What’s your favorite mantra and when do you use it?

3 thoughts on “Words Are Powerful

  1. janetha

    I agree, words are so powerful! I love saying “if you want to have things you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done!”

  2. Dave

    LOVE this. So needed to read something like this today as I went to sleep sometime close to when you were probably heading to the gym. THANK YOU.

    My mantra is “Fat and Slow”. I have it embroidered on one of my fleece beanies. Perhaps this approach leaves something to be desired in the optimist department :p

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