Workout: Maximize Your Time

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I swear I’m not sick of Ben Howard yet and might be listening to it more than Christmas music right now.  But I promise I’m getting my fair share at work so I think it’s okay.


I know we’re all busy so I wanted to share a nice short treadmill workout that will leave you sweaty.  All you need is 40 minutes and this includes your warm-up and cool-down.


40 minutes still too long? Shorten each segment by a minute and finish in under 30 minutes!  We’ve all got busy schedules this holiday season so we’ve got to use the time that we have effectively.  And I promise you’ll leave sweaty.

And of course, if you have some extra time you can pair this workout with some strength training.


I’ll leave you with this thought today:


What are your favorite short-on-time workouts?

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