Yesterday’s Long Day

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I had every intent of posting another “Day-in-the-Life” post today but at 7pm yesterday I realized I didn’t record my day. It’s unfortunate because yesterday was pretty insane. I’ll try to get you the day in the life post another day but I don’t want to discount everything that happened yesterday so let’s get to it…

I told you all that Sam and I were going to be in our local paper yesterday regarding 50 States In A Year but what I didn’t know was that we were going to be on the front page!! Talk about a shocker when I brought the paper in at 6am yesterday. I nearly had a heart attack. Definitely a very surreal moment.

After my morning run and a shower, I headed off to Ethereal (our favorite little chocolate shop/cafe/bar) for some pre-meeting coffee (or tea) and a little work.


We only had about 45 minutes and then we walked to the court house to meet with the Mayor of Woodstock. We’re teaming up with the Jaycees for a big event (I’ll share more on that later…) and we wanted to talk to the Mayor about that with the President of the Woodstock Jaycees. He seemed really interested in what we are doing which is good!


After the meeting, Sam and I walked back to Ethereal, got a refill and a little more work done before heading to the noon CrossFit class. A few people were talking to us about 50 States and the article in the paper. We got in a great workout and left super sweaty!

We made our way back to my house for lunch (eggs + veggies) and some more work + a conference call (fingers crossed something comes of that!). Then I hit a major wall so we packed up and made our way back to Ethereal (3 times in one is OK, right?) and spent the rest of the evening hanging out, chatting with our favorite bartender + one of the owners. Again, it’s moments like that which we’ll miss this next year (and quite honestly, I think they’ll miss too).

Today is filled with laundry, more work and event planning, working at my chiro’s office, and hopefully getting ahead on a few things. And after beating my old deadliest PR by 35# this morning, I’m on fire. Bring on the day ahead and as long as I have coffee in my hand I can take on the world!

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