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Whew…it’s hard to believe the weekend is already over. Work was I-N-S-A-N-E last week, but please do not get me wrong; I’m totally not complaining, I chose to work a lot of extra overtime to ensure my work was getting done while simultaneously helping our warehouse staff stay on top of the orders come in. Plus, I admittedly loved all of the walking. I was getting around 9-12 miles per day which was a great change of pace. By Saturday though, things were definitely catching up to me mentally and physically. I was in bed around 8pm and asleep by 8:45 when my head touched the pillow and my phone was put down.

It was great getting back to yoga this weekend too. I ducked out of work at 5 on Friday to make the 6pm holiday yoga class + party and then made it to another class Sunday morning. I was honestly thinking of making my way back for a second yoga class on Sunday; it was the second preview of a new class they’re going to start offering in January (it’s called “chill”) but I had a lot to still do blog-wise and didn’t really feel like trekking back out in the snow. I’m really excited for the new class though because it’s a super restorative class, followed by a guided meditation. I went to the first preview and LOVED. IT.

This week will likely be more of the same, but we’ll see how things play out with the warehouse support. I’m hoping to fit in a few more workouts (running and/or strength circuits), but I also know even a few extra minutes of sleep is so important when I’m working so many hours so I just plan to take it day by day.

The truth is that the more I go to yoga, the more I want to go to yoga. ?? *** I am so thankful for @jtaormino21 encouraging me to try it about 8 years ago and taking me to my first in-person class in LA. I'm thankful for @gigiyogini for helping me discover the depths that yoga can take me. I'm thankful for @laurenswynts for taking me to @tribalanceyoga where I fell madly in love with heated yoga. And I'm thankful for @twistedhotyoga and all of their wonderful teachers for providing me the community that I've needed in this new place I call home. And obviously, to know the joy that is a cool lavender cloth on your forehead during savassana when you're pretty sure you just sweat your face on the floor. *** I go to bed tonight exhausted but so thankful and filled with love, joy, and hope. Isn't that the point? ☺️

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Now, before I really get into today’s post, if you’re a regular around here, you know I post 5 days a week more often than not, but I’m working on some plans and ideas for what blogging looks like in 2016 and with everything already so busy this week, I’ll only be around 3 days. Don’t be alarmed; this is totally on purpose. 😉 (You likely won’t notice or care, but it feels necessary to say anyway. ha!)

You all know how much yoga means to me: mind, body, spirit. My practice is life and it helps me feel connected to the universe and myself, while also giving me a great workout. I’ve found community in yoga and various studios that I’ve found that just feel like home to me, especially in a place where I’ve struggled to find it.

Now whether you’re a seasoned yogi, relatively new, just starting to dive in to your practice, or holiday shopping for a yogi on your list, I thought I would share a few of my favorite items that any yogi will be excited to find under the tree!



A good mat

Yoga mats don’t last forever and if you’ve ever used a nice mat, then you know the difference that a nice yoga mat can make to your practice. They are seriously worth every penny. I recently bought a Lululemon yoga mat from the studio I practice, but this is the mat I had before which I loved; I just decided to try something new.

A block

During my month of yoga series, I mentioned how supported bridge is one of my favorite poses. I just love letting my hips relax into the block under, but one of my newest favorites is a supported fish pose. I’ve been doing it before class and I swear it feels so amazing and has been awesome for my asthma and chronic rib slips! There are so many other ways to use a block, so you know the yogi in your life wants one!

Yoga Mat Bag

I have a gorgeous bag that I won in a blogger giveaway and was homemade. I get so many compliments on it and absolutely love it, but it’s not a style that allows for “storage” and I love the idea of being able to store your towel, phone, keys and a water bottle in your bag, instead of trying to juggle everything as you walk into the studio. This bag is super cute!

Yoga clothes

This should be self explanatory, but I don’t think any yogi or fitness junkie will complain about finding yoga clothes under the tree. Some of my favorite brands include Lululemon and Fabletics, but there are so many out there in various budgets too!

A strap

Now, let me be honest and say that I rarely use a strap. I don’t say that to be all, “I don’t need one,” but I don’t have one at home and while they’re at the studio, we don’t use them that often so it’s not something that I think about too much. With that said, straps are great and I really think that especially when you’re just starting out, they are so handy!

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Fore more hot yoga specific necessities, check out this post on my tried and true hot yoga necessities.

What would you add to my list, whether you’re shopping for a yogi or one yourself and what you’re hoping to find under the tree?

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11 thoughts on “The Yogi’s Favorite Gift Guide

  1. Katie

    Also towels! They don’t need to be the fancy microfiber, but I like bringing a hand towel or full towel depending on the class. I was awesome and went to class thursday, friday and saturday. I was all primed to go tonight, but decided that making a healthy dinner, homework, and laundry needed to be done first.
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  2. Alexis @FITnancials

    I recently started incorporating yoga into my daily routine and it’s been amazing! I would also highly advise mat spray, as Heather mentioned above, too. Having your own mat instead of borrowing mats at the yoga studio is a must!

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