You Are Beautiful

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The thing that I love about bad days, is knowing that you can go to bed and when you wake up the next day, chances are you’ll feel 90% better.  And I do.  Yesterday was difficult and it felt like every attempt that I made it make it better, didn’t work which only made me crankier.  So I decided to spend my Friday night in and by 9PM, I was fast asleep.  A few friends wanted to hang out or go for a walk and let me vent or go grab drinks, but I didn’t feel like I was any fun yesterday.  I wanted to end the day and start fresh today.  And when my alarm went off at 7AM, I was a little groggy but felt much better.  That’s not to say the things bothering me yesterday still aren’t bothering me, because they are, but I’m feeling like I have a clear head again and I can take on the world.  We all have slip ups, but knowing that tomorrow is a new day and we can start fresh is where I find comfort.
I went to the gym, did 35 mins of cardio followed by another 30 mins of legs including squats and lunges – can you say OW!? I was walking down the stairs from the weights area and could feel my legs shaking.  I love that feeling.  I noticed at one point I was making a funny ‘this hurts and I don’t want to fall down the stairs and land on my face’ face, only to see one of the guys that works at gym looking at me.  He was probably laughing inside, which was fine because so was I! 🙂
I have this pair of jeans that embroidered inside it reads “You are Beautiful” – I always forget it says this and then I find it and it  just makes me smile.  Sometimes, we all need a reminder.  Tell someone today that you think they’re beautiful.  Chances are you’ll make their day. 
I’m not sure who out there is reading this, but to those of you who are – I think you’re beautiful. <3 

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