You Are Priceless

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Mirror mirror, mirror on the wall

Tellin’ those lies, pointing out your flaws

That isn’t who you are

That isn’t who you are

It might be hard to hear, but let me tell you dear

If you could see what I can see, I know you would believe

That isn’t who you are

There’s more to who you are

So when it’s late, you’re wide awake

Too much to take

Don’t you dare forget that in the pain

You can be brave, hear me say

I see you dressed in white

Every wrong made right

I see a rose in bloom

At the sight of you (oh so priceless)

Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable

Darling, it’s beautiful

I see it all in you (oh so priceless)

No matter what you’ve heard, this is what your worth

More than all the money or the diamonds and pearls

Oh this is who you are

Yea this is who you are

Those lyrics are from “Priceless” by for King and Country and while I think they’re technically a Christian rock band which isn’t exactly my style, I found the lyrics to be a great reminder that what we see when we look in the mirror isn’t necessarily what everyone else sees. We get wrapped up in this goal of wanting to look one way or another that isn’t necessarily within our reach but as a result discount all of the beauty that’s already there.

We are all different, our bodies are built different and what we can realistically achieve is going to vary, whether we always like it or not. But I love the reminder that sometimes the mirror lies to us and we’re left with an unrealistic view of who we are based on that reflection, instead of remembering all of our beauty that shines from us, both from the inside and out.

Sometimes I find myself needing that reminder and I can bet sometimes you do too. Know that it’s okay and then find the people that bring you back up, make you feel beautiful, special, loved and priceless, because you are. Let me be that person for you today because I truly believe that you are priceless.

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I have a friend who likes to randomly send me a message and ask what’s making me smile on that particular day. He amps this up when he knows I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, upset, confused, or dealing with something. Every time he does this it is a reminder that there is something special inside of me and within each day that is special and a reason to be grateful beyond measure.

What is making you feel special and happy and loved today?

16 thoughts on “You Are Priceless

  1. Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins

    I think everyone needs this reminder, no matter who you are, how much you have in terms of money or status. We are all priceless and if we could truly see and understand everything about anyone we meet, I think we’d treat others much more kindly. The thing that made me happy today was seeing my kids interact with my friend’s newborn baby. They were so sweet and gentle and it was a moment of pure happiness.

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