You Can’t Get What You Don’t Practice

What’s a goal you’ve been working toward for awhile? 

Have you given up on attaining it?

Are you feeling frustrated that it’s not coming sooner?

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there. I am there. But I have to tell you something – that age old saying “practice makes perfect” isn’t just some made up thing. It’s real and it’s true and it’s advice we have to follow…


While I have several goals for this year (personally, financially and physically) two that I’ve really been working towards are double unders and pull-ups.

And I get frustrated with those pull-ups. When I have a 50 States event and there’s time for me to practice and work towards it, I will but I can’t consistently keep working at it so it always feels like I’m starting over. I know I’m not, but it’s been frustrating to say the least and it’s a goal that I’m not losing sight of but where I know it’s going to take consistency for me to get. I’m not giving up.

But on the other hand, double unders ARE something that I can work on whether or not we have an event. I have a jump rope, all I need is to step outside the RV and get in a few jumps. But here’s the key… EVERY DAY!


Again I found myself wondering why they weren’t coming but I wasn’t putting in the work. I would do my double or triple singles in WODs and maybe take an attempt or two at the doubles after the WOD and when they didn’t come right away, I was done. Well that’s not going to get me anywhere so I did some research and read a lot of articles and they all said the same thing “practice every day.”

It was a “duh” moment for me. When we were very little we practiced crawling and walking and talking everyday until we got it, our teachers would repeat the same point over and over so we’d remember the information, we learned how to drive by practicing with our parents so why do we think any other skills will come easier?

You have to practice. 

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So I did. And while I’m not perfect and while I can’t string them together (yet), they’re getting better. I’ve built 10 minutes of practice into my workouts most days of the week and when I took on The Filthy Fifty at an event last Friday, I did the 50 double unders. It may have been single-single-double but it happened and that’s what counts.

You can’t get what you don’t practice. You can’t get what you don’t practice. You can’t get what you don’t practice.

If I repeat it, you’ll remember it, right?

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  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Go girl! It’s so true that practice makes perfect… or at least better to infinity 😛 It’d be nice if we could skip all the hard work and pain and just be good at everything, but life doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. Soon you’ll be rockin’ out back to back to back double unders like nobody’s business!

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