Young Man In America

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Though it happens to all of us from time to time, no one actually enjoys being sick and I’m definitely happy to be on the upswing from last week’s flu. Because it was not fun. If anything good came out of it, more awareness of my body and one giant cleaning session in my apartment Sunday late morning/early afternoon. Three loads of laundry, new sheets, clean bathrooms and kitchen, vacuumed floors and Lysol Disinfectant sprayed! No joke. 😉


Anyway, after my little cleaning frenzy, I sat down to bust threw some emails that have been waiting for my attention and to start working on some posts for the week. I opened up Spotify, unsure what I was going to listen to but knowing I wanted some music to accompany my afternoon. One of my recommended songs was “Young Man in America” by Anais Mitchell. I had never heard of her before but figured why not, if it’s bad, I’ll find something else.


I’m so glad I clicked on that song because it then led to an afternoon of really good, fun and new-to-me music.



Have I mentioned where I’m going in February?!


I’m so excited that my company has decided to send me to the Folk Alliance International in Kansas City from February 19-23! This will be my first attending a conference representing my company and is bound to be a really fun few days filled with awesome music and getting to meet another one of my coworkers.


Anyway, it’s going to be a busy week ahead, so let’s start it off right!



How was your weekend?

What were you listening to this weekend?


P.S. A VERY Happy Birthday to my sister! 


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