Your Idea of the Perfect First Date – Day 3

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Today’s Topic is: Your Idea of the Perfect First Date
This is kind of a difficult one, kind of not.  When you think of a “perfect” date, your brain automatically goes to imagining some kind of romantic night but that’s not how a first date will (or necessarily should) happen.  A first date should consist of plenty of time to talk and get to know one another, whether you’ve been friends for years or you’re just meeting – this is your opportunity to really find out just how much chemistry could possibly exist between you two.  Being the music lover that I am, some soft relaxing music in the background and a delicious bottle of wine would also hit the top of my list.  Dinner would always be nice but if this is your first time meeting or talking to someone it could also be difficult picking the place depending on their diet restraints which you may not know yet (picky eater? vegetarian? kosher? etc).  I would also enjoy some kind of fun activity, like going for a hike on a nice day and then grabbing coffee or frozen yogurt after for a day time date.  I would look for us to have time to talk yet have fun as well.  A first date should not include a movie because while movies are fun, they offer no time to get to know the person with and that’s just awkward. 
Maybe a glass of wine as delicious and beautiful as this one.

Anyway, yay for a day off!  I have a lot of things on my agenda for the day but there is fun to be had as well!! 
I started my morning with a quick trip to the gym.  I originally planned to do a quick 20-30 mins of cardio followed by some weights but I met a friend there and after chatting on the elliptical for a bit, I realized I was hungry and a lack of caffeine headache was starting to find it’s way in so I came back home.  I made my usual breakfast and pot of coffee, which was so amazing I’m currently brewing a second pot.  After a bit of band related work, I will be spending my afternoon with some friends hiking at the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood!  It will be fun, relaxing, and a great workout, all in the company of some awesome people! 🙂
Photo from a hike while living in NJ a few years ago.