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Over the last week or so, I’ve started a habit of writing before bed.  I don’t mean like the writing I do here but writing whatever is in my heart in that moment.  Sometimes it’s a few words, sometimes it’s a bit longer.  Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes not so much but the point is that I’m writing.  This has become one of my favorite moments in the evening as it allows me to ignore technology, focus on myself, decompress and just put pen to paper.


And as crazy and vulnerable as this may be, I’m going to share it with you.  Not all of it and not every day but from time to time, I’m going to share some.




Because I started this blog as a way to share my journey of life and while my healthy-living and fitness journey is part of that, so is my spiritual and mental journey, my career, my whole life journey.  So I’m going to be vulnerable and I’m going to share some of these thoughts with you.  Thank you for being open.  Thank you for listening.

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