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It’s kind of ironic really…the song I’m choosing to share with you today is called “Open Road” by Roo Panes. I’m sharing it a week after announcing the end of the 50 States In A Year project, a week after I’ve taken myself off living on the open road. Don’t be fooled, I’m not complaining, just admiring the humor in life.

“Open road, no one stopped you from trying.

To lose your load, to find your silver lining.”

I have no complaints. While there’s plenty to worry about, there’s also plenty to cherish and look back fondly from the past 10 months. Sometimes things don’t work out how we expect them to, but they do always work out how they are supposed to.

“Let me out of this cage, before I swell up with rage.

Let me sing to old age before I’m done.

Let me shout to the skies that I’m too young to die.

And that fate will never stop me from trying.”

I heard this song a few times last week as I drove around, whether while driving back and forth to the RV, running errands, or to spend time with family as we celebrated Uncle Ken’s life. And every time I heard it, I couldn’t help but reflect on my life and what I’ve done, what kind of impact I’ve made and if I would be happy with the foot print that I left if my time on this earth ended.

The answer was no.

I guess that’s where it leads me back to yesterday’s post and wanting to help people. I want to leave an impact, a foot print to be remembered. I want people to know when my time comes (which obviously I hope isn’t for a long time), that I put my heart and soul into everything I did and that I always wanted to help others live a better, happier, healthier, more successful life.

That is why I’m here.

Now to see where that takes me..

What thought provoking music are you listening to this weekend? 

2 thoughts on ““Open Road”

  1. Ben France

    LOVE this post Katie! Your story sounds similar to mine. That desire to leave a mark and help people is what led me to go back to school and get my Counseling degree, which I will complete this coming Spring!

    “Let me sing to old age…” Indeed.

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