14 hours later….

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I woke up yesterday with a stiff back and by mid afternoon a headache turned into complete dysfunctional exhaustion.  It was rather strange but I knew that meant I needed to stay in last night and relax.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I came home and decided to take a nap, only to wake up 4 hours later on my couch.  It was that moment I decided to have a quick “dinner” and go back to sleep.  I then slept until nearly 8 this morning…nearly 14 hours of sleep!  I definitely feel more refreshed but I am dealing with a slight cough so I’m hoping I’m catching a possible sickness before it starts.  There has been something going around work and in the last week or so, it’s mostly been going around the managers office (where I work!) so it’s definitely harder for my body to stay immune when it’s all around me.
I’m starting my research on buying a bicycle.  I really want one and I’m done thinking about how much I want one and ready to start saving to get one and figuring out the best one for me.  The weather is starting to warm up quite a bit and the idea of biking to the gym or the grocery store (maybe even work?!) just sounds amazing!  I’ve never purchased a bike for myself before and don’t really know anything about buying them.  I always had a mountain bike growing up but there are so many different kinds, that that may not actually be the best one for me right now.  Research time.
If you know anything about buying a bike or have any suggestions – feel free to share!!