April Love + Easter Weekend

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I hope everyone had a great weekend. I drove home for Easter with my family and a belated birthday celebration with some friends, and really just took the weekend away as an excuse to take a break from everything – social media, emails, or even opening my laptop. I often find the idea of not looking at emails or social media as overwhelming since it means more to sort through at a later date, but sometimes just allowing yourself to live in the moment is best.

I’m a bit late (and a bit behind) on the April Love challenge, but this isn’t about perfection, it’s about connection, community and self love. Sometimes self love means skipping a day or two, taking it easy, and just going with what feels right; that’s what I did.

Monday 4/10 – Favorite Book


Waking up on my 30th birthday, I’m feeling drawn to read this book again. I think I’ll have to start. #AprilLove2017

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Tuesday 4/11 – My Smile


Wednesday 4/12 – Black & White


I absolutely love today’s #glowgoodchallenge because it can be so difficult to focus on the things we LOVE about ourselves when we are in this world of social media, comparison, and never feeling good enough. So what do I love about myself? 1️⃣ My strength. I don’t just mean physically, I mean mentally, too! 2️⃣ I work hard. If there is something that I believe in, I know how to hustle. 3️⃣ Willingness to learn. I love to keep learning and growing as a person. In this past year, I’ve read a bunch of books, taken some courses, and started meditating. 👍🏻 #giveaway #healthyglowco #AprilLove2017 @fitfoodiefinds @ambitiouskitchen @healthyglow.co || #tiubikiniseries #tiugrandhaven #tiumichigan

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Thursday 4/13 – 10 Years Ago


Friday 4/14 – Air

It feels nice to take a break, doesn’t it?

Saturday 4/15 – I Wish…


I wish for stability and roots; for community and support; for inspiration and progress; for love and success. #AprilLove2017

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Sunday 4/16 – First Break-up Album

A little time to rest, recharge, and breathe.

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How was your weekend?