August 2017 Goals

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I used to consistently share my monthly goals on the blog but for some reason that fell to the side. The past year+ of my life has been packed with self-development, growth, and internal work but lately I have found myself feeling a little scattered, unmotivated, and maybe more so, unfocused. Sometimes I feel like it’s easy to go through the motions of setting goals without actually making sure we are reaching for something or know where we are actually trying to get with those goals, and honestly, I think that’s why I stopped. I started to feel like I was setting the same goal over and over again (ex: gain #X of followers on Y-platform) but wasn’t taking the action or knew WHY I was trying to achieve that goal.

But there’s been a shift and I want to bring them back. I have things I want to achieve in my life and I want to go home from my full-time job at the end of the day and feel motivated to work hard at my own goals in my life. I’m an obliger (if you have never taken Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendency quiz, go do it!) which means that I need outer accountability. I took this quiz when she first made it and was surprised by the result but as of late, I’ve realized just how accurate it is for me. Side note: I took it again the other day and got the same result so my questioner-leaning side was clearly coming through there.

That’s where the blog comes in. I have this space, so why not use it to my advantage and have you all HELP keep me accountable to my goals. Besides, I want to be able to come back here and tell you all that I did it or feel like I better have a good excuse for not making it happen.

August Goals

With all that said, here’s a few of my goals for the month:

1- Take 20 hot yoga classes
2- Host a giveaway on my blog or main Instagram
3- Do an Instagram takeover on another account
4- Grow my Instagram following (@iamkatiearnold to 1800 / @tiukatiea to 600)
5- Save more than I spend

I may be cheating a bit on a few of these as I have an IG takeover and giveaway on the schedule for later in the month, but they are new and a little scary so I’m including them on here anyway because it’s going to be a big deal to cross off the list.


While we’re at it, I thought it would also be fun to take this opportunity to catch up a bit, so here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to and loving lately:

I’m thinking about starting a Whole 30 in September as a way to get my nutrition dialed back in, particularly when it comes to sugar and grains. I want to feel fully prepared so bring on all the books!

Watching: Big Brother

This show is such a guilty pleasure! Even the live feeds are addicting to have on in the background while I do my Sunday meal prep, clean the apartment, or schedule social posts.

Listening to: Podcasts

Though let’s get real, this isn’t new. (Here are a few of my current favorites.)

Also, I’m obsessed with this song from Coldplay. It came on as I was pulling into yoga the other morning and stayed in the car jamming until it was done.

Eating/Drinking: La Croix

This isn’t a new obsession by any means, but I have especially been loving La Croix lately. The last week or so I have been bringing a can with me to work that I can drink when the mid-afternoon snack monster hits. I do think it’s been helping as I know sometimes that hunger is really just boredom or watching the clock in that final push to the end of the day.

Planning: September content calendar

I really want to take my blog up a notch (or two, or ten) again and that means making sure I’m staying ahead on my scheduling and content planning. It’s a lot harder when you wait until the last minute, which is why procrastination has never been my thing!

Feeling: A mix of emotions

I can’t tell you how many emotions I wanted to put down to answer this so let’s just say a mix. My heart is full from spending so much time back in Illinois last month with friends and family, yet sad because I don’t have that same support here in Michigan; I’m feeling unfocused, yet I’m excited about the direction I’m working to move things; I’m exhausted from so much social time, yet craving more. And that mix only skims the surface.

Loving: Dancing

For anyone who really knows me, this will come as a surprise. I don’t really dance and it’s not something I would usually say I love, but I did spend some time on the dance floor at my high school best friend’s wedding with everyone and it was just fun to let go and move. I can’t say I’m going to go out dancing, but I did find myself dancing around my apartment the other day and even though that’s usually the only place you’ll see that happen, it still few and far between.

What are a few of your goals for August?
What have you been reading/watching/listening to/etc lately?