Back to Reality

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Getting back to work was difficult as expected this morning.  Actually it was more getting out of bed and forgetting that I can’t just keep laying there until I feel like getting up and ignoring the alarms going off.
It was nice getting back into the swing of things and being productive but I was also tired and felt like the day was dragging, despite being really busy playing catch-up.
I made it to the gym after work and just wasn’t feeling it.  I need to find a way to change things up a bit because I’ve been getting bored again running.  The biking and reading I was doing at home was great so I was happy I brought the book I’m reading so that after 20 mins of running, I could switch over to biking.  I sweat a bit, not nearly as much as I would have liked but since I highly considered skipping the gym all-together after work today, I was glad I went and moved my body at least a bit.
Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy, yet fun so I’m off to do a bit of studying before the Benadryl I just took takes affect…stupid mosquito bites!
Thank goodness for the coffee that gets me through everyday. 🙂

Okay, so my coffee doesn’t look like this everyday but it looked like this on Thursday when we went into Chicago and visited Intelligentsia for a little pick-me-up, catch-up session with friends!