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I’m on my way back to LA. And I’m not happy about it. In fact, I anticipate I’m pouting in the airport / on the plane while you’re reading this. I also anticipate this is making many people laugh.

But it is the truth. Please don’t make me go.

The good thing is that at least today I’m going back for something super fun, not straight to work. It’s Justine’s bachelorette party day! This also means it’s going to be a long (fun but long) day and if anyone has an in with a caffeine IV, please let me know. I anticipate loads of coffee over the next 24-48 hours.

I also anticipate this means I may be a bit cranky at work on Sunday. I mean, coming back from a few days off, with little sleep and a strong desire to leave LA (yes I’m still trying to figure out where to) but I might look a bit like this:

Consider yourselves warned.

Okay not really, I plan to go in with the best attitude I can muster because quite honestly, that’s how you make it through each day – the best attitude you can pull together is sometimes the only thing that lets you keep your balance.

I’m working on my balance. It comes with time and it comes with practice. But I’m working on it.

Happy Saturday to you all! Any fun plans for this long Memorial Day weekend?

Mine is Justine’s bachelorette party! Otherwise it’s workworkwork!

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Brittany

    My weekend is a working/packing weekend! I’m sorry you are not happy about going back to LA. I have never been before!

  2. flecksofgreen

    My weekend is made up of work, work, workout, and relax. I’m looking forward to actually have two days in a row off. I’m sure I’ll spend most of my time off with family, but I am making it a point to take some quiet time to myself and just clear my mind and gain some peace and balance in the process. Enjoy your weekend!

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