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1 – I had to go back and make sure I didn’t already write this post.  I guess it’s been that long I’ve been thinking about it.


2 – I have 7 books on my nightstand and I’m trying to read them all.  I’ve been told this is okay.

IMG_11273 – I’m a stomach sleeper and as much as I try to sleep on my back or side, I always end up on my stomach.  Anyone I’ve ever told this to gets mad at me, lectures or cringes…especially my chiropractor.


4 – Once I’ve put pajama or yoga pants on, good luck trying to get me to go anywhere or do anything that requires me to change my pants.  Seriously, shopping doesn’t even work.

64557_841480254869_1229808480_n5 – I’m on the lookout for lactose free cottage cheese.  I’ve been told people have found it and since I’ve been craving it for weeks, finding it is a MUST!


6 – Yesterday I turned down a cupcake. (GASP!)  It was my chiropractor’s birthday and they had gluten-free cupcakes in the office.  While I’m sure they were super yummy, I avoided them.  I didn’t really want one and I really didn’t want the tummy ache that would inevitably ensue post-sugar.

IMG_05147 – My runs have been rather lack luster lately.  I’m blaming self doubt and a poor playlist.  Please feel free to leave some tunes I should add to amp up my playlist!


8 – There’s a lot of thinking going on over here.  Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad and sometimes it stems from reading one of the books sitting on my nightstand.  (Confused, go back to my first confession). 😉


But thinking isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact, it can often be a good thing or something that pushes us in a direction different from our current one.  Whether the right direction or not, it’s a new direction and sometimes just the push we need.  I’ve been pushed.  Here’s yours:


What do you have to confess today?

5 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    Looks like my nightstand! 🙂

    I have been wanting to do a confessions post as well, and I will probably have to go back and check if I actually did one or not. Funny how we formulate these ideas for so long before they come to fruition…

    And hells to the no I’m not going ANYWHERE once I put on my sweatpants.

  2. Miranda @ Biting Life

    Wait, so by “trying to read them all,” do you mean that that’s your “to-read” pile or you’re literally reading ALL of them at the same time?? Haha that’s crazy! Right now I’m reading three at the same time (which I never never do) and I’m having such a hard time lol.

    1. admin Post author

      Well, I guess I should clarify…I WANT to be reading them all right now. In reality, I think I’m working on 3 and was only focused on 1. 😉

  3. Kristen@Change of Pace

    I must confess that I also have books on my nightstand I keep wanting to read. Maybe if I move them to the coffee table or something I’ll pick them up? I think my mind decides between reading and sleeping every night and it picks sleeping haha 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Reading vs Sleeping is a MAJOR battle for me. But when the book is good enough, reading wins! 😉

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