Current Training Plan & Weekly Workouts #28

I didn’t mention it last week, but I’ve started following the Lauren Gleisberg ConfidenceKini challenge. It’s a 5-week strength training program. I’m not following it to a T necessarily, but making it work with my schedule. Her program includes 5 workouts per week but since I’m also training for a Ragnar relay run and running 3-4 days a week, I’m not going to ALSO do 5 days of strength training. Instead, I’m following her workouts 2-3 times per week so I’ll take a little longer to complete the whole program (and actually started a week early because of this too).

So how am I structuring my week? The goal (subject to change per my body’s cues and signals, of course) is 2-3 days strength training, 3-4 days running (one “long” run each week), and 1 yoga class (as a student). On top of that, I’m obviously teaching yoga and making sure to fit in my own stretching and recovery. The yoga class also helps me meet my monthly goal of attending more yoga classes! 🙂

You’ll notice I haven’t necessarily been the most successful with actually making it to any yoga classes as I’m struggling with WHEN. I enjoy my workouts first thing in the morning so I may need to cut or move around a strength training day in order to fit in a yoga day. Weekend yoga classes seem to be at weird times for my schedule, plus I’m working around Poncho’s outdoor needs both weekdays and weekends… 😉

Monday 5/6:
LG W1/D4: Shoulders & Glutes
Ab Workout: Time Under Tension

Tuesday 5/7:
LISS Cardio (15 mins stat bike)
AB Workout: Weighted

Wednesday 5/8:
20 minute run

Thursday 5/9:
LG W1/D5 – Chest & Back

Friday 5/10:
3 mile run

Saturday 5/11:

Sunday 5/12:
50 min run – AM
30 min run – PM

Are you following a training plan right now? How are you putting it together?

3 thoughts on “Current Training Plan & Weekly Workouts #28

  1. Beth

    That is quite the schedule! I can see the struggle to fit the yoga in when the other stuff is a little easier to do right away in the morning. I bet you’ll figure it all out though!

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