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I thought it would be fun to keep it light and easy today. One of the things you guys told me you wanted more of around here was insight into my LIFE. So today, I give you just that in a nice “currently” kind of style…



Well, I’ve been getting really into audio books lately and despite staring at ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ on my bookshelf for years, I’ve been terrible about actually reading it so I decided to get the audio book. I still like having the print as a reference down the road. 😉


Of course I’m watching this season of The Bachelor (it’s my guilty pleasure, don’t judge!) and The Biggest Loser (I find it really inspirational, even for someone who LOVES living a healthy lifestyle). I’ve also really gotten into watching Sex And The City again, thanks to streaming with my Amazon prime account. I’ve been watching it from the beginning and I’m most of the way through the 3rd season now. It’s just so good!


Lots and lots and lots of writing. Between writing for the blog and Daily Aspire, there’s been a lot. Please note, I am NOT complaining. I’m loving it and wishing for more every single day!


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but the boy and I have been brewing our own Kombucha for a few months now. It’s absolutely one of my favorite things!


I’ve been in quite the food rut for awhile but I’m slowly but surely breaking out, at least a little bit. Or rather, I’m just transferring my rut to other foods…i.e. from eggs and sweet potatoes to plantain chips and sauerkraut. ALSO, the boy found a gluten-free, dairy-free bread and it arrived this weekend. It’s SO good and I’ve been obsessed with peanut butter sandwiches. And the bonus chocolate chip cookies that were thrown in the box. They didn’t even make it 12 hours. They were THAT good!


So I don’t actually have one but since I manage crochet and quilting pages at work, I’ve kind of been wanting to give it a try myself. I’ve never crocheted but I grew up with my grandma quilting and I have a sewing machine. It seems like it could be a fun new hobby to pick up. I should admit, I almost stopped at JoAnns last weekend for supplies…

I was thinking about doing a Q&A post in the coming weeks…is there something you want to know about me? A burning question? A particular story? Leave the question in the comments and I will do my best to answer them in an upcoming post!

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  1. Charlotte

    It’s so funny you mention crocheting because I just found out about a group called the Stitchin’ Bitches that gets together to kvetsch about life and crochet. Doesn’t that just sound awesome?

    I love that you make your own Kombucha tea! I’ve always wanted to try some (had a friend in Oregon who used to brew her own, too, but I could never get beyond the aesthetics… I think I could do it now).

    That book has been on my must-read for years, too!

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