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I really dislike going to the doctor.  I actually hate it so much that I put it off as much as possible.  And then there are times that I feel like I’ve put it off long enough and break down and just go.  I think the problem is that I never leave feeling fulfilled with the help that I was given.  
You sit in the waiting room for awhile after your originally scheduled appointment.  Then they let you in the room only to have you wait some more, generally in a paper top.  Then they come in, ask you a few questions, generally leave once or twice, come back real quick and then let you get dressed and go – paying $30 on your way out.  But for what?  A 5 minute conversation where the doctor tells you nothing is wrong with you?  Yeah, pretty much.
That’s why I get so frustrated.  When I go sick, they tell me there’s nothing I can do but keep doing what I have been doing.  When I go when I’m healthy but having some issue that lead me there, they generally tell me chances are it will pay but if it doesn’t in the next couple weeks then I should (pay another $30 and) come back.  This gets me nowhere, but $60 poorer.  
I always tell my parents that I’ll go and ask for another list of providers and then something happens, my schedule gets busy and I forget and never make it.  This of course doesn’t make them happy or able to be at ease.  Like how about the fact that I have never gone to the doctor about my fainting spells?  Granted, I haven’t had that many and did go to the ER after the most recent one, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  I know that I need to go and get a quick check up and then at least feel like I have a doctor out here to call “my doctor.”
Anyway, I’m on my rant over doctors right now for a reason:  I think I need to go see one.  Like actually make myself go and go through the process of researching and finding one.  But it’s so intimating to move somewhere kind of new and have to find a new doctor – it’s like a needle in a haystack.  It’s awful and super nerve-racking.
But truth be told – I’m exhausted!  My body goes through these spurts of being so exhausted and tired that I can hardly handle it.  I know sometimes it’s because I wake up early to go to the gym before starting work at 8 but that’s not all that it is.  There’s no excuse for me falling asleep on my couch by 8 most evenings – and sleeping 5 hours before waking up and moving to my bed to sleep for another 5 hours.  
I’m sure it’s probably something simple like a vitamin deficiency, but of course my brain is going into worse case scenario mode and thinking it could be Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) or something worse.  I’ve also been told I’m “slightly anemic” which could also be a reason I’m so tired despite the amount of sleep I’m receiving.  
Am I breaking down and finally going to see a doctor and get to the bottom of this?  Once I get through the stack of local doctors, make an appointment and actually go through with said appointment – I’ll let you know. 😉