Egg Hunt

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A new apartment calls for a house warming party. Easter calls for a celebration. And today has allowed us to bring it all together.


Amy and I decided to put together a last minute Easter/House-Warming/Family style dinner for later this evening. In fact, we have a larger “family” coming than we originally anticipated but it should be a good time with good food and good company.

My family always gathers on Easter at my parents house and my mom hides Easter eggs in the yard for the kids to go hunting. Growing up my parents used to put together scavenger egg hunts with a gift waiting at the end. My sister and I both had our own scavenger hunt so one parent would go with each of us. The gifts were usually hidden in the same spot so it was always a bit of a race so that you were the one to find where they were first. It is definitely one of my favorite memories of Easter growing up.

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or just enjoy the candy that comes along, I hope you have a fabulous and amazing day!

What are some of your favorite Easter or Passover memories?