Friends, Fire, Fun!

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I would call today a successful day off!  I woke up with the intent to go to yoga, spend a couple hours at the beach and come home and relax.  That’s not exactly how my day went, but that’s okay!

I was trying to check my email and blog this morning but our internet was down so as I ate breakfast I was troubleshooting.  It was clearly an issue with Time Warner because nothing was working.  I had a feeling I wouldn’t get to yoga in time, so my friend Heather and I decided to move up the beach and I’d move back yoga.

We decided to go to Dockweiler Beach which has fire pits, not with the intention of snagging a fire pit but when we got there, there were some free and we were like “well, why not?”  Blayne met us after a few hours along with a few of their friends and then Corrine came a couple hours later.  We had a little barbecue + s’mores party; it was fantastic!

Heather and I were NOT prepared since it was such a last minute idea/decision so thank you to their friend’s for supplying us with all of the delicious outdoor BBQ/picnic necessities.  Next time, you guys bring nothing and we’ll bring the food! 🙂

My phone was dying but Blayne took a bunch of pictures I hope to share later.  For now, here’s the one I took on my phone of the fire.  Good night!