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While some aspects of my life might be rushing on all around me and dragging me down, others are keeping me sane and making me glow.
I have some amazing people in my life!  I woke up this morning, texted my friend Justine and 30 minutes later we met at the gym for a quick cardio session.  There were no ellipticals open when I got there so we plopped down on some stationary bikes and time flew as we chatted away.  After stretching we walked to her car where she gave me an awesome birthday present and a bag that she doesn’t have room for anymore – LOVE BOTH!  (J – I may have even already switched purses and tossed the book in my bag to take around with me!) 😉
Anyway, I came home from the gym, ate my breakfast, had some coffee, blogged and felt like I needed more exercise.  Surprise surprise.  But I did.  I’ve also had this feeling all day that I have the day off work (I DON’T!), so I’ve had to maintain very aware of the time so I don’t accidentally lose track of time and end up late to work (or missing it all together).
But knowing I had a couple hours before needing to leave and had already done the things I had deemed “necessary” to do before work, I decided a quick run outside was in store, especially after admitting to my fear of that initial first outdoor run of the season yesterday.  So I filled up my water bottle, grabbed my keys + phone and headed out the door.  And when I say quick run, I really meant short probably about a mile or so.  Normally a 1 mile run wouldn’t make me happy and I would want to push for more but knowing I had worked out this morning and I was choosing to go at the warmest time of the day, plus that whole “first run outside” thing and not knowing how my asthma would choose to react to the pollen and such, I was okay with short and quick.
QUICK IT WAS!!  I was outside for 20 minutes.  5 minutes walking to warm up and 5 mins to cool down, 10 minutes in between running.  I didn’t have a set distance or path, I just planned to run and see how I felt and turn when I felt like my lungs were going to need a break soon.  And of course I planned to map the run when I got home.  It was really warm outside and I’m realizing I think I need to get over my “I hate shorts” issue because running in pants is getting too warm and I think causing my runs to be harder.
But once I got home, I mapped where I ran on AND not including any of the walking distance, I physically ran 1.07 miles in 10 minutes flat!  Do you know what that means people?  It means I ran a 9’20” mile!!! 
That’s the best mile time of my life!  I generally would prefer to run a bit slower and go further but for today this was perfect and has given my runs a HUGE confidence boost!  At the gym I’m running 10’45” miles if I’m lucky so this almost seems impossible, but I don’t care – I’ll take it!  I think I need to buy my new Nike + today so I can get outside running more!! Whoohoo!!
Post run & feeling amazing!! Glowing!