Gullible Much?

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There was more Missing watching going on last night.  I’m all caught up but if you were sitting where I was, you’d hear Amy catching up in the other room.  So good!

Anyway, I pulled myself out of bed this morning to get to the gym and as soon as I got there and started walking towards the entrance a lady said “the gym is closed.”

What? Really?

“No, I’m totally kidding.  You should have seen your face!” -_-

Okay so I’m gullible, what more can I say?  I’m also not sure why she decided to play this little joke on me, seeing as I have no idea who she was but maybe I still looked a little too tired and she thought I needed to start my day with a good laugh.  Well, I did laugh.

Today is my day off and my original agenda was to sit on the beach for a couple hours and soak up the sun.  If you go anywhere near the beach, it’s gray and foggy.  We anticipated that yesterday so we decided to sit by the pool at my friends apartment.  It’s still cloudy and kind of chilly over by me, so we may have another change of plans.  But the day is mine to relax and do whatever I want or don’t want to do!

Happy Saturday!  Any big plans for your weekend?