I Joined Twitter?

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Now I better explain before I send my sister into some crazy awful panic and rampage about how much she hates Twitter…
Quite honestly, it’s been one of those trends that I was trying to avoid for many years (and have successfully).  I never quite saw the point and sometimes I still don’t.  And if I’m being entirely honest, when it comes to social networking, I’d rather spend my time with Facebook but there comes a time when the benefits begin to show themselves.
I’m a blogger.  I have readers (thank you for reading!).  I want to keep my “audience” engaged.  I don’t do this for you (sorry), I do it for me but at the same time, I’m here to spread a message.  Therefore I want to give you access, since I can’t always be blogging 24/7.
The exciting thing is that I decided to do this last night.  I found some of my friends.  I found some businesses I frequent.  I found some bands I enjoy.  I started following all of them.  As expected, people started following me.  What I didn’t expect was the onslaught of yoga and fitness related companies / people / etc that began following me.  This may seem silly but it gave me a sense of hope and encouragement that I can touch people and share my message and educate about the aspects of my life that I’m extremely passionate about like nutrition and fitness.
I have yet to regret my decision.  Or feel overwhelmed by it.
So if you have a Twitter account and would like to follow me, I would love that!


1 thought on “I Joined Twitter?

  1. Tracey

    i agree. i think twitter is really misunderstood by people who claim to dislike it. it's not about “and then i had pancakes for breakfast” updates. i think it's a cool place to meet new people who share your interests, and to find SO much information about subjects you're passionate about. unlike facebook, where most people who are “friends” with me i don't even talk to and have nothing in common with. my two cents 🙂 happy to follow you!

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